Residential Conveyancing

Introducing the Sale process

Let our expert team help you every step of the way

The Initial Process

After a sale and sale price has been agreed with the assistance of your selling agents, we will send you a client care pack. We will use the completed documents from the client care pack to create a contract pack to send to your buyer’s conveyancer.

Once the contract pack has been received by your buyer’s conveyance, we would deal with any questions which might be raised. When both parties are satisfied and a completion or moving date has been agreed, we would ask for your instructions to exchange contracts.

Exchange of Contracts

We receive the buyer's deposit on your behalf. If you have a mortgage on your property we will ask your lender for a redemption figure.

We will go through an exchange of contracts with the buyer’s conveyancer over the phone and agree a completion date before swapping original copies of the signed contracts. At this point you will be committed to the sale of the property and the completion date will be fixed.


On the completion date you have agreed, your buyer's conveyancer will send us the balance of the payment for your property.

We will use this to pay off your mortgage, your estate agents fees, our fees and any further costs incurred during the sale. Any money left over will be paid to you or transferred to a purchase file if you are also purchasing a new property.

The Client Care Pack

  • Proof of ID Forms;
  • Our Terms of Business;
  • A confirmation of Sale instructions Form;
  • A property information form – This is a list of standard questions relating to your property. It is important that this form is completed accurately. If the property you are selling is Leasehold we will send you an additional form which deals with question regarding landlords and service charges; and
  • A fixtures, fittings and contents form -  You need to complete this form to show your buyers which items at the property you intend to leave behind.

The Contract Pack

  • The property information form;
  • The fixtures, fittings and contents form;
  • A copy of your title, which will include an up to date copy of the register, a Title plan and any supporting conveyances which affect the land. If the property is not registered we would need to obtain the original deeds from either yourself or your lender; and
  • The contract of sale, which states the address and price of the property, and the names and addresses of the buyer and seller.

What to expect from the Purchase process

Making your purchase a smooth experience

The Initial Process

If we are acting for you on a purchase of a property we would send you a client care pack which would normally contain proof of ID forms, our Terms of Business and a confirmation of Instructions Form.

We would then ask you to pay money on account in order for us to instruct a company to carry out the searches required on the property. The cost of the searches is approximately £250-£300.

The conveyancer acting for your seller will send us a contract package which will include, the Property Information Form, a Fixtures and Fittings Form, a copy of the Legal Title to the property and a contract for sale.

If you are obtaining a mortgage to purchase the property we will ask for details of the Lender and the person arranging the mortgage so that we can track the process of your mortgage application because we will need to receive a copy of the mortgage offer before we can exchange contracts.

If you are arranging for a survey to be carried out in addition to your mortgage valuation report we will ask to see a copy of the survey so that we can raise any enquiries related to potential issues with the property raised by the surveyor. We advise you to have a full structural survey as your mortgage lender's survey is likely to be a valuation only.

When all the searches have returned and all enquiries and issues have been resolved we will send you a full report in writing to ensure that you understand the nature of the transaction you are entering. We will enclose the contract, transfer and mortgage Deed with the report and as soon as this is returned to us we will be able to agree a completion date for your purchase.

Exchange of Contracts

In order to exchange contracts we will need you to transfer a deposit to our account which should be 10% of the agreed asking price.

We will carry out pre completion searches at the Land Registry to make sure all mortgages or other financial interests registered against the property are known about, to ensure that these are removed by the seller on completion.

We will then exchange contracts with your seller conveyancer and at this point you will be committed to the purchase and cannot change your mind without paying a large financial penalty.


On completion we will transfer the remaining purchase funds to you sellers conveyancer who on completion will release the keys to your new house.

We will need to pay stamp duty land tax (SDLT) to HM Revenue and Customs and register your purchase at the Land Registry, therefore we will need the full amount of our costs and disbursements one working day prior to your completion date.

The Client Care Pack

  • Proof of ID Forms;
  • Our Terms of Business;
  • A confirmation of Purchase instructions Form;

The Report on Title Pack

  • A property information form
  • A fixtures, fittings and contents form;
  • A copy of your seller’s title, and any supporting conveyances which affect the land;
  • The contract of sale, which states the address and price of the property, and the names and addresses of the buyer and seller;
  • The Transfer document;
  • The mortgage Deed and a report on the mortgage conditions;
  • An Energy Performance Certificate; and
  • The results of your searches.

Commercial Property

For further information please email us here 

Our experienced solicitors can help you with all aspects of Commercial property law.

We are able to provide a full commercial conveyancing service for buying, selling, renting or developing commercial property, acquisitions and disposals.

Our commercial property solicitors are also experienced in all aspects of law relating to landlords and tenants. This includes advice on letting, sub-letting, assignments, negotiation and surrender of leases.

For further information please contact or call 01278765136

Agricultural Land Transactions

For further information please email us here 

We specialise in all types of agricultural land transactions

Including the buying and selling of farms, paddocks and rural property portfolios including farm businesses.

Our experts can advise you on:

  • Securing rights of way, easements, wayleave agreements and advising on other rights over property such as sporting rights
  • Advising on boundaries
  • Water supplies, private bore hole agreements and drainage issues
  • Managing first registration of farms and rural estates with the Land Registry
  • Negotiating overage and clawback provisions and clauses
  • Mobile phone, solar panels and wind farm agreements/leases
  • Farming partnership agreements
  • Agreeing new leases of agricultural property in the countryside
  • Assessing the impact of existing tenancies

For further information please contact or call 01278765136

Private Client

Please contact one of our dedicated team if you wish to discuss estate planning in further detail

Many people find it hard and upsetting to plan what will happen to their estate once they have passed away.

Our Private Client Team can provide advice on making a Will, as well as preparing and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney, applying for a Grant of Probate, administering estates, as well as creating or administering trusts.

Many people misunderstand what will happen if they die without making a Will. They assume that their property and assets will automatically pass to their partner whether they are married or not. This may not be the case, if you want your assets to pass to the person that you are living with, you need to make a Will.


SINGLE WILL (BASIC)                                                      £175 plus VAT

MIRROR WILLS (BASIC)                                                 £225 plus VAT

SINGLE WILL (INCORPRATING TRUSTS)                  £275 -350 plus VAT


SUCESSION IHT PLANNING                                         HOURLY RATE £195 plus VAT

DEED/NOTICE OF SEVERANCE                                    £50.00 plus VAT

LETTERS OF WISHES                                                        INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE

LETTERS OF OMISSION                                                  INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE

Lasting Powers of Attorney

LPA x 1                                                                                  £350.00 plus VAT*

LPA x 2                                                                                  £450.00 plus VAT*

LPA x 4                                                                                  £600.00 plus VAT*

REGISTRATION ONLY                                                     £125.00 plus VAT for each LPA

*Disbursements - £82.00 OPG registration fee (subjection to exemption/remission). The above fees include registration.


  • Full estate administration – price dependant on size of estate
  • Application for Grant of Probate only - £550 plus VAT


Our matrimonial specialists are able to help with any family law matters. If you would like to have an informal chat about your case, please call us on 01278 788991.

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